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Montgomery Heights values loves cares for orphaned children in Zimbabwe.

Montgomery Heights Christian Care Centre

Montgomery Heights Christian Care Centre is a Social Welfare registered home for orphan and destitute children and is under the covering of Voice of Triumph Ministries, a nondenominational Christian ministry. There are weekly church services and Bible studies held at the home, which are attended by members of the local community as well as the staff and children who live at Montgomery. There are also a number of church outreach works from the home into the community.

Where is Montgomery Heights?

Montgomery Heights is situated in 35 acres of land on Barwick Road, Concession in Zimbabwe. Originally it was primarily funded and supported by the local community. However, due to the local demographic and national economic changes there has been an increasing need over recent years for outside financial support, and the home is now predominantly funded by overseas donations from a number of different locations across the globe.

How The Home Works

The home is registered by the Department of Social Welfare to house up to 60 children from birth to 18 years of age. All of the children are referred to Montgomery Heights through the Department of Social Welfare with whom MH works very closely. Montgomery Heights is under the leadership of the resident director, Miss Lesley Marshall, B.Ed., M.R.E., assisted by Pastor & Mrs Danniel Ngwenya & Miss Fiona Bunford R.G.N, who work together with a dedicated team of national staff. Find out more about the staff team here.

On-Site Housing

There are four separate houses for the resident children. Three of these function as family units with live-in house-parents, one for children of approx. 4 – 7 years, one for the older boys and one for the older girls. The fourth house is a special baby unit providing places for up to 12 abandoned and HIV+ babies and toddlers up to the age of 3 - 4 years. The children in this unit are cared for by staff who work a shift system under the management and guidance of our resident nurse. All four housing units interact and work together to form one cohesive family unit at the home.

Montgomery Heights' Family Values

For many of the children Montgomery Heights is the only home and family that they know and after leaving they often keep contact and come back to visit in later years. There are two smaller houses on the property which provide accommodation for them when they visit as well as a home base for older teenagers who are pursuing further education courses away from home. Montgomery Heights is run as far as possible on a family pattern, rather than as an institution, and is first and foremost a Christian home.

Education and Health

The children at Montgomery Heights attend an on-site preschool class after which they move on to a local government primary school and then secondary school. After completing their secondary school education, depending upon their academic ability, the older children are then able to pursue either higher academic studies or practical skills training courses at different educational institutions, supported by Montgomery Heights as much as possible. There is also a small clinic on site to cover the medical needs of the children and staff.